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A place where you can grow

Working with B2B communications is intellectually stimulating and emotionally engaging. Without our clients, society would come to a standstill. Together, we’re making the world a bit better.

Apply for a job here and now

We post job openings here on our website and on LinkedIn. Even if there’s nothing available right now, we’re always interested in connecting with pleasant, talented people. Start by writing a few lines and sending us a few samples of your work. job[at]

For some positions, we want samples of your work. And that’s for your sake as well as ours—you want to come to the right place as much as we want to find the right person. After you send this in, we will follow up with a meeting. This gives you the opportunity to describe your ideas, while we can provide feedback and ask questions.

A job at Sandberg Trygg gives you all the benefits you expect of a modern employer. You’ll also get to know people from all corners of the world. That’s a natural, and very pleasant, side effect of working with international B2B communications.