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The best team for your assignment

B2B marketing requires specialist knowledge. We give you access to the right experts for every project. You also have a set team with a strategist, project manager and creative director.

Always the right expertise

In the past, agency teams consisted of an art director, copywriter and project manager. These days, most projects need a lot more skills than that such as analysis, lead generation, brand strategy and IR (investor relations). Working together is rarely as easy as it sounds. It demands an organization that is equipped for collaboration between experts.

Our organization is based on giving you access to the skills you need for each project. You don’t have to worry that you won’t get to work with the star team. The whole point of our model is that you always get a star team—every time you award us a project.

No standard procedure

Some projects are about developing a new brand for a new product. This takes strategic support, a top-notch designer and a copywriter who can capture the soul of the new brand in just a few lines.

Other projects are about developing campaigns in a marketing automation system to create leads. This also requires an art director and a copywriter to develop your content. But it also takes people with systems expertise and an understanding of analysis, monitoring and improvement.

That means two projects—both of them our bread-and-butter at Sandberg Trygg, but require different approaches. Each client also has their own processes. That’s why we don’t have one standard procedure that we try to squeeze all of our projects and clients into.

We work the way you want us to, and the way our specialists want to work. That may sound complicated, but we don’t keep reinventing the wheel. It’s just that every collaboration and every project is unique, so a standard procedure just won’t do. We need to delve much deeper.

International assignments

Good local material is crucial for global success. It’s not enough that the material you spread to other markets is just as good as your competitors’. It has to be better.

Every line of copy has to sound natural and be grammatically correct. Images, illustrations, choice of colors and typography all have to feel genuine, like a part of the local business culture.

We are well accustomed to developing material for multiple markets. Cultural adaptation, translation, editing, verification of information and proofreading are all included in what we offer. Sometimes we provide these through our own resources, sometimes with the support of AI tools, and sometimes through our extensive network of contacts.