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Clean out your archives and become an SEO winner

Fredrik Hansson Copywriter April 16, 2020

Concepts that are well-thought-out from the beginning are often effective for a long time. Once you’ve developed, say, a brochure on balancing valves, those valves work just the same today as they did in the 1960s. Some details may be different, and additional services as well, but not the principle.

By cleaning out your archives, you can find lots of potential SEO hits. Marketing material you’ve developed in the past, with intellectual content that people are searching for on Google and other search engines.

Searches are text-driven. In many cases people are searching for a solution to a given problem (“poor flow distribution in the heating system”) or in the product category that solves the problem (“balancing valve with digital display”).

Polishing up copy from earlier marketing material rarely requires a lot of work. Assuming that the person polishing up the copy understands the content! Otherwise there may be gaps in the logic, which neither readers nor search engines like.

There are lots of places where you can publish your refurbished material and become an SEO winner. In a section about insights on your own website, in newsletters that go out to clients and prospects, or on knowledge-driven social media like LinkedIn, to name a few. And some new graphic material and/or new videos for extra punch.

An investment in SEO pays off in the short and long term. If your content is relevant and relatively unusual, you will soon find yourself at the top of the hit list and can look forward to queries and purchases. Over time, search engines reward those who continuously publish useful information. The effect snowballs, and eventually no competitors can keep up.

So put your cleaning gloves on. Sure, it may be boring at first, but just think how great it will be when you’re done.