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Digital presentations that pop

Fredrik Hansson Copywriter/Senior Partner April 16, 2020

Many people are working at home due to the coronavirus. This gives them more time, since there’s no commute, no small talk at the coffee machine, and few internal meetings. Why not use that time to establish closer relationships with existing customers and open up for new dialogues with potential customers?

Video meetings have become the new normal thanks to the virus. Microsoft Teams, among others, is a service that is exploding right now, with 44 million daily users—three times more than just six months ago. But there is a distance to the person on the other side of the screen, which takes some time to get used to. That’s why your digital presentation is so important. Here are a few tips:

  • Make an outline of what you want to tell—piece by piece. Boring? Maybe. But a well-structured presentation makes it easier for the listener and also gives you the space to hone your arguments. Of course you can explain and clarify things along the way, but that can be difficult even in a regular meeting, and even harder on video chat.
  • Have each page of your presentation discuss one thing at a time. Otherwise it’s hard to follow your line of thinking. Each page needs a heading, a graph or illustration, and some keywords in just a few sentences or bullet points. Don’t be afraid to use as many pages as you need to talk about your subject. That makes your presentation more vivid and lively.
  • Consider adding video material to your presentation. It can be anything from a video describing how your product works, to a summary of your company’s history and values. But keep it short—at most a minute or so. One tip is to play the video twice—once on its own and then again while you explain in your own words and take questions.
  • Put extra effort into your introduction and closing. A personal story or reflection, linked to the subject of your presentation, is often a good way to get started. Another idea is to mention something interesting in the introduction, which you get back to later on. Think through your closing; what do you want to happen next? A new meeting? A quotation for a job?

It can also be worthwhile to deviate from the traditional presentation. An interactive product demo or a digital panel discussion might work better for your purposes. Or maybe you might invite everyone who uses your e-commerce website to a webinar, where you show off the latest features and newest products? That can lead to sales right away.

What’s important is not to fade into the background. A lot of business deals are being postponed at the moment, but the need for them still remains. A good digital presentation today will boost your chances of being at top of mind tomorrow.