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Generating leads more important than ever

Fredrik Hansson Copywriter April 16, 2020

Companies don’t stop buying because times are tough. They might buy a bit less at a time and a bit less often. If you want to keep your sales up, you need to guide each prospect as far through the funnel to your sales division as possible.

In recent years, we’ve done a lot of work on generating leads. We’ve created campaigns that have guided interested customers step-by-step to a live buying situation. Many of the campaigns were largely based on existing or modernized material. These days we know pretty well what type of content works best at different stages of the purchasing journey and how you can convince your prospect to take the next step.

Some of the clients we’ve helped to develop live leads for are BillerudKorsnäs, Consilium, Novaerus Inc., SKF and Volvo Trucks Inc. Would you like to know more about our conclusions and practical tips? Perhaps even read about the results we’re allowed to reveal to select groups? Don’t hesitate to contact Henrik Dubois or Louise Danckwardt.

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