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Lead scoring—when you want to take the next step

Fredrik Hansson Copywriter/Senior Partner April 27, 2020

Many campaigns are about creating leads. That’s a good start, but you can do so much more. That’s where lead scoring comes in.

Lead scoring is about awarding points to your incoming prospective customers. Once they reach a certain number of points, the prospect qualifies for the marketing division (MQL—Marketing Qualified Leads), and at another level up, the sales division takes over (SQL—Sales Qualified Leads).

Prospects can be awarded points for opening a newsletter, downloading a white paper, or filling in a contact form to schedule a meeting. The number of points depends on where in the purchasing journey the prospect is and what the person does. Consult with your sales corps when assigning points. They know what triggers someone to become a customer—and what turns them off.

Do we always have to use the sales funnel? Not necessarily. You can try cutting right to the chase in your first campaign step and encourage buying right away. Those who are ready to buy may do so, achieving the maximum points in the system. Other leads can be worked up as usual.

There may also be reason to award negative points. For example, if a lead comes from a company that doesn’t fit your target group in terms of sales, needs, etc. Some visitors to a website may look like leads to begin with, but on closer analysis they turn out to be a talent looking for employment.

Working with leads from start to finish is an exciting process. You see the results of your efforts and learn what works and what doesn’t. You also earn bonus points internally in your company. If there’s anyone that management and owners like, it’s someone who knows how to systematically create business.