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The Gundua Foundation – a long-term CSR investment

Louise Danckwardt CEO & Managing Partner June 9, 2020

Since November 2019, Sandberg Trygg is a proud sponsor of the Gundua Foundation. The foundation aims to improve literacy and general knowledge levels of children and teens in developing countries, which in turn is a prerequisite for prosperity and democracy.

The Gundua Foundation primarily provides concrete measures in education and healthcare in Ex-Lewa in northern Kenya. Giving young people the opportunity to attend school and get an education is one of the most important things a society can give the young generation. Education is always a win–win situation, whether you choose to see it as a good investment in economic growth and enhanced prosperity; as a powerful weapon in the struggle against poverty, social prejudice and forms of extremism; or on the individual plane where education greatly expands opportunities for work and self-sufficiency. The foundation started in 2006 and now runs a preschool-through-secondary school for over 800 pupils, as well as a health clinic. The school is consistently among the top three schools in the region.  The foundation’s activities are financed by generous donations from IKEA, Apoteket Hjärtat, the Marcus and Amalia Wallenberg Foundation and others. HRH Crown Princess Victoria is the foundation’s patron.