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Wireless automatic machine monitoring from SKF

Dan Jönsson Copywriter August 11, 2020

The manufacturing industry faces constantly increasing demand for productivity and efficiency. This leads to an ever-greater need for reliable machines, fans and other rotating equipment. At the same time, the time and resources available for manual monitoring are in decline.

SKF Enlight Collect IMx-1 is a system of wireless sensors that communicate with each other in a network across an entire production facility. Combined with cloud-based IoT solutions and AI-driven analysis, the sensors can be used to build a scalable, wireless automatic machine monitoring system. They can also be connected to SKF’s Rotation Equipment Performance Centers for technical support and remote monitoring. A new payment model makes it possible to purchase the system as a monthly subscription rather than a major one-time investment.

Sandberg Trygg helped create launch videos, social media posts and other material for the launch.