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Our values

All of our projects are based on close and secure partnership. Not just between the agency and the client, but also between the different experts at the agency. Our values describe how we want our agency to be and what we will never compromise on.

Beat yesterday

Curiosity is an inherent human driving force. Opening ourselves up to learning new things makes us feel good and can help make a real difference. As we all consciously strive for continuous improvement, we will make Sandberg Trygg both smarter and sharper. We will work hard to keep a curious, open, courageous and supportive mind to move our positions forward.

Share energy

Energy, drive, passion and job satisfaction. This is what we would want to experience at work every day. The more we share our energy with each other, the more we can grow together. When we focus on what gives us positive energy, we dare to take that step to reach “out of the box”. Together, we will increase Sandberg Trygg's energy level to benefit both ourselves and our customers.

Show heart

How we feel at work affects our sense of value and meaning in life. As we strive to really see and care about each other as fellow human beings, we create a safe and stable work environment even in stressful situations. Together, we fight for each other and for the things we believe in and stand up for.