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B2B communications that create business

Business-to-business sales (B2B) are different from commerce between businesses and consumers (B2C). Our focus on B2B communications gives you a partner who understands that.

Knowledge makes the difference

Longer purchasing processes. More people involved. More complex products. These are just some of the examples of differences between B2B and B2C in marketing and sales.

Another difference is the human aspect. It’s more emotionally demanding to participate in a large, important buying decision that can jeopardize your career, than to buy staple items at the grocery store. Business deals are made between people—a fact we make the most of in every project.

Our focus on B2B means that most of our projects are international. Client needs often differ around the world, and the way we do business can also differ. We don’t shy away from getting down to the nitty-gritty of your business. On the contrary, we look forward to it.

The world we live in is increasingly data-driven. By combining the right user data with strong communication along the purchasing journey, we create measurable results time and time again. Often at a level where our clients want us to keep the actual figures quiet.

Constant drive from a stable base

Our history stretches all the way back to 1963 and Sweden’s first agency for B2B marketing—Anderson & Lembke. Times change, but the core idea is the same: To create results for businesses that sell to other businesses.

A willingness to tackle new concepts and not back down from challenging assignments is one of the key reasons that our agency is still in the game, driving B2B marketing forward. For example, we were creating iPad apps early in the game because a client needed them for a trade fair. In fact, it was so early that we had to import an iPad from the United States, because they hadn’t been launched in Sweden yet.

Another time, we had to install a hot air balloon on the roof when one of our clients moved into new premises. As the saying goes, time is of the essence, and no logistics company could transport a hot air balloon from Shanghai to Stockholm over the weekend. So we booked a flight and handled the transportation ourselves.

Every employee got iPhones and iPads as soon as the devices were launched in Sweden. AR and VR equipment found homes at the agency at an early stage. We were also among the first to adopt Google AdWords and Google Analytics, and also to adopt a system for marketing automation.

Always trying to learn new things and find new paths is important to us. It’s good for our clients and therefore good for our growth as an agency, as well as for each individual who works here. And all of it is based on our long-term focus on B2B communications.

Digging into the details

Sharp minds have developed the products and services we are asked to market. They include everything from advanced medical technology for the healthcare sector, to clever methods of measuring wear and tear on components in industrial production.

Working with B2B communications is also to a large degree about conveying knowledge. And that’s hard to do if you don’t have any. So, we’re used to, and really enjoy, delving into complex businesses and products. That’s something that makes us stand out from other marketing consultants.

We also like to do our own research. To give you new insights and possible approaches you might not have thought of. Not all of them will see the light of day, but some will. That means added security for you, that we’re not just order-takers, we can give you a second opinion.